Workspace Installation

We were approached by Beechtree Community Centre in Whitchurch (Shropshire) to help them with fitting out of the new workspace that they were in a process of extending and renovating. The space was a mix of the existing old chapel and a brand new contemporary extension.

All of the desks had to be made as the spaces were small and unique (i.e. no square corners!) and the process of the design and build was a challenging one. We had to coordinate with the builders, the architect, the catering company and of course, our client. And we were building the units while the builders were plastering and adding radiators to where we wanted to fit the desks etc. Plenty of site visits were necessary to ensure we were all on the same page.

With only a week behind the original schedule we were on site and fitting the units. These are the pictures taken on the day. Some graphics were added to the reception desk and we will post these after the opening day on 10th January.

All desks were made out of high quality armoured protected laminate finished in subtle texture except for the front of the reception desk that were in high gloss. The cafe unit was spray painted as well as the decorative lines on the counter that were then attached to a high gloss laminate sheet.


Monster Tuck Shop

This unit had to be made in three separate parts and assembled on site because the access was a bit tricky. The shelves will be holding pots of sweets, the cupboard is fitted with push catches so no need or handles, on top of the cupboard will sit a till and a large wall mounted screen. There is also space to the right hand side for a smaller screen. The shelves are cantilevered so they appear to be floating but have the strength to take the weight for displays. The whole unit was painted in high gloss white paint and the logo is made out of poly and painted.

There are still graphics to go on the shelves and of course, the pots of sweets but it’s looking great already.