Honeybee Installation

We have teamed up with a local graphic designer Victoria Lee to pitch together for a tender to install a permanent exhibition in a listed building for Snowdonia Society.

The room was to be used as an educational venue for children and adults and it needed some graphic displays, a screen with a rolling video, space for samples for people to try such as different honeys, polishing a piece of wood with wax, a microscope to view different items, a true/false wall with facts for children and an interactive board with LED lights to parts of bee’s body.

We have created a reading corner with bee themed floor cushions, a bee life cycle display with storage underneath and other interactive ideas.


A day’s worth of marketing with your exhibition stand

How do you tell people about your forthcoming exhibition? How do you increase footfall to your stand?

We all know that just turning up on your stand is not good enough. But do you know how to really prepare your company for a successful exhibition?

We decided to help out. All new and existing clients that commission a new stand build will get a full day’s free marketing help.

This could mean help with pre/post show press releases to encourage footfall to the stand, profiling your attendance at the show, approaching journalists to arrange on-stand interviews during the show, researching and drafting press releases and/or case studies to include in the press pack, copy writing for on-stand literature, ideas for on-stand competitions or anything else relating to your particular show.

It is up to you to decide how the day is best spent and it won’t cost you anything.

Why are we doing this?

Quite simply – because we want you to do amazingly well at your exhibition and help you achieve higher ROI. We also like to shout about our happy clients. We believe they become loyal clients and are pleased to tell others about our good work.

So it’s a win-win. A more successful exhibition for you and more work for us. Smiles all around.